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Melinda's March Newsletter 2021

March 2021
Welcome to my monthly newsletter. 

Welcome to my first newsletter!
I know some of you subscribed to this newsletter and some didn't, l chose you from my address book as l thought it might be of interest to you. If not, l totally understand, just click unsubscribe at the bottom of this email.
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In my newsletters you will receive information about my latest works, details of how some works are produced, techniques, photos of my biggest artwork – my house, which is an ongoing obsession to create my wonder world. You will also receive updates of my next markets, exhibitions, open studios, public projects, new items added to my website and any sales l have of my work.
I don't believe in saturating people in too much information, too often, so you will only receive this newsletter once or twice a month, with only the most relevant information. If you want more in depth information, l'll put that on my blog, which is accessible on my webpage.
Open Studio
l'm happy to give private studio tours, just contact me to make an appointment at or on 04 2222 0941.
After a break from the market scene, l'm back with my good friend and fellow artist Deborah Klein, who does amazing things with paper to create lampshades, framed works, leaping frogs and colourful banners. We share a market stall together, items l have available are earrings, pins, brooches, greeting cards, small paintings, skulls, t shirts, fingerless gloves and tin art.
We had a market stall at the Ballarat Mechanics Institute last Saturday, which was a huge success, they had amazing musicians playing throughout the day, a wonderful selection of stalls in the beautiful Minerva hall, hopefully they'll have more markets in the future.

Melinda muscat market stall Melinda Muscat market stall.Melinda Muscat market stallMelinda Muscat market stall







Harmony Festival
Deborah and myself are currently on the hunt for other vibrant makers markets further afield, l'll keep you posted of where we'll be next. That said, l have a stall on my own at The Harmony Festival market at Barkley Square on Barkley Street, Ballarat on Friday 26th, 10 -2. There'll be a range of mostly different cultural and craft stalls and diverse foods.

Other news:
After the huge success of the Tin Hearts for Valentine's day, l've extended my range of tin art.
I've recently started making earrings, all very much in my own unique colourful style which are proving to be very popular. I'm also currently working on producing new plaster works from the moulds l made over summer. I'm also currently experimenting with some recycled plastic from hay bales which l am using to frame a skull. You'll get to see these and more in the next newsletter.

 Melinda Muscat tin art.Melinda Muscat earrings

Melinda Muscat earringsMelinda Muscat earrings

I thank you for your support and any shares on Facebook or in the real world. I can't afford a marketing budget, so l really rely on the hope that my work has brought some joy to someone and that they share that with others.
All the very best, Melinda.
I hope you are all happy and well and enjoying your own wonder worlds.
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