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My First Blog - My kitchen!

I posted some photos of my kitchen to Facebook yesterday and was astounded by how many people loved it. So l thought l'd add some info here about it.

Firstly the fridge is covered in my favourite wrapping paper, bought years ago from Lincraft, it's a bit flocked which l thought would be a problem with keeping it clean but it hasn't been. I coated each side of the fridge in slightly watered down pva glue and just stuck the paper down. When it was dry, l coated it with a layer of pva again to help seal it. I didn't work at getting it all straight and correct but the pattern is very forgiving and you can't really tell.

The tiles, l started collecting about thirty years ago, starting with those two big beautiful madonna icons. I got these from Spain during one of those world wide whirlwind trips. I love Art deco tiles and when ever l came across any, be it a garage sale, antique auction or market, l made sure l got them. The newer ones are from Ebay, there's a company in Hong Kong (sorry can't remember their name), they have a catalogue of over one thousand world famous artworks that you can get printed on to tiles, l think l got about thirty. Plus a few from Art Gallery of Ballarat's gift shop, which always has wonderful merchandise for it's exhibitions plus art and art objects by local artists, myself included.

One tip when it comes to grouting picture tiles, is cover them fully with blue tape. It protects them from being scratched, which l can tell you, if you don't, the picture will scratch off. Make sure they are tiles for use and not just display. I bought one display tile by mistake, which turned out to be printed on card and stuck to the tile (you couldn't tell it was from looking at it) but once l grouted, even with the blue tape on it, the entire picture pealed off! I ended up having to cut another tile to size and stick it on top. It juts out a smidge more than the others but you don't really notice. This is helped by the fact that the thickness of the tiles and beads l used varies from 1 - 5 mm in thickness. I was worried this was going to be a problem when grouting, but it really wasn't.

Otherwise all l can say is l have a love of teapots, these are just some of my favourites and obviously a love of colour. It all does really make me very happy waking up to make coffee in a room like this. Plus it's very practical and neat and apart from some of the tiles, it didn't cost much, nowhere near what one of those brand new kitchens cost. I love the old fifties cupboards, l just added to them rather than replacing them. The green l used is called Hot Pop Green. I think the yellow of the walls is Gold Nugget. The bench tops were a horrible worn white laminex. I covered these with planks of timber that were taken out of the floor when the house got restumped. After much sanding and varnishing l think they look amazing. I recoat them once every few years to keep them looking shiny but they really wear well. I used a gloss Estapol for this.

If anyone has any questions about any diy or anything else that l haven't covered here l'd be happy to help. I'm no expert that's for sure but we all learn from each other, so feel free to contact me or add comments.

There's more photos on my Facebook page - melinda muscat

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